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The Ultimate Launch Copy Guide

The Ultimate Launch Copy Guide


It’s about that time. You’ve switched gears into launching & you’re ready to take off!


But here’s the thing; you're a bit stuck when it comes to knowing what to write about your new offer, most importantly, how to write it! You struggle with communicating it’s value, how transformative it is and what your audience can expect by getting it.


With so many moving parts to your big launch, it's easy to neglect the most critical piece to bring it full circle and make your new thing count: your copy. Focusing on your launch's logistics can cause you to miss the mark in your copy, which is crucial because it's going to do the job of resonating and connecting strongly with your audience for them to see how your new offer will help them.


Before you buckle your seatbelt, grab your interactive guide to make sure you have it all together for your upcoming launch!


In this product, you will:

+ End the struggle of communicating the 'what' and 'how' of your offer and learn to use the power of persuasion

+ Become aware of the three states of your ideal client: emotional, mental, and physical

+ Gain helpful tips, identify your launch copy needs, and understand your launch copy's three main objectives a bonus!

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