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Launch Sales & Email Copywriting


A Total Sell-out

A 8-week done-for-you package filled with a blend of clarity + ethical buying psychology (minus the fluff and sales-y talk).


This package will position your new, upcoming offer with the right words and help leverage and tell your target audience all about it, and most importantly, why they need it. All of this while you remain focused on doing all the launching.

We won't stop there though. We'll also pair it with a sales email copy sequence designed to nurture + engage your audience and back your offer while softly guiding your audience members from curious to converted.

Here's what's included:

Launch Sales Copy

Launch Email Copy

  • 45-minute strategy call

  • Research & discovery

  • Long-form sales copy

  • 2 editing rounds

  • 6 to 8 sales email sequence

  • Up to 500 words per email

  • Included in 2 rounds of edits

  • 30-minute client wrap up call

Once you’re booked, get ready to have the perfect sales strategy paired with the right words to get your offer + your ideal buyer sold.
Here’s how things will go:


During week 1, we’ll have our 45-minute intro strategy call where we assess your submitted intake form and gain clarity on your launch goals to develop a selling strategy.


During week 1, we’ll move forward and begin the research and discovery of your intended audience, comps, and upcoming offer.


Going into week 2 up until week 4, we will be writing the copy for your irresistible offer that draws in the crowd for the sell-out of the year. We’ll perfect it to the fullest so that editing passes with flying colors and you + your audience love it.


Coming up on week 5, we’ll construct the email sequence that will be geared towards engaging + nurturing your audience on their buying journey to copping your new offer and that turns them into loyal clients.


In the final walk, during week 6, you will receive the deliverables of your sales page + email copy accompanied by an offboarding client wrap up call where we walk through your copy.

Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 1.53.19 AM.png

"Working with Meyhgin was absolutely amazing! She took my vision for my website and ran with it.


She was excellent to work with, positive, supportive, and she created the copy of my dreams. She communicated my ideas and offers in ways that I could not and made the words jump off of the screen in a way that has helped me attract even more clients.

Because of this, I’m able to better communicate what I offer."


This is for you if:

✨You are launching an obsessed-worthy offer

✨You have clarity + confidence on whom you’re selling to and what you’re offering, you just don’t have it for the words

✨You struggle to get everyone excited about what you have coming up and converting them into a sale

✨You have a hard time finding the right words that will convey and communicate the value and benefits, not just the features, of your launch

✨You have a hard time taking the right approach that will help you engage and nurture your target audience about your launch through email marketing


three installments of $1667


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