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Brand Message &
Website Copywriting


The Made-to-fit Makeover

A 8-week custom done-for-you package filled with intentional strategy and full-bodied website copywriting.


A package that will amplify your brand voice clearly + unite your one-of-a-kind story with words that tell your value (and sell)-- so you can have a website full of words that you’re proud of + leads you with confidence to help you show up as the go-to biz pro that people can’t wait to work with.

Here's what's included:

Brand Message Strategy

Website Copywriting

  •  90-Minute strategy session

  • Detailed questionnaire

  •  Internal Brand Messaging

  •  External Brand Messaging

  •  Client Prototype

  •  Ideal Client Synopsis

  •  Custom Strategy Playbook 

  •  Research & Discovery

  •  Up to 6 pages of SEO-optimized custom website copy

  • SEO title tags + meta descriptions per page

  •  2 complimentary editing rounds

  •  Offboarding Video Overview

  •  30-minute client wrap up call

  •  Offboarding Visual Copy Guide

Screen Shot 2021-09-04 at 11.10.09 PM.png

"Despite my background, I wasn’t trained to write specifically for sales and that’s where Meyhgin of TSA stepped in to help.


She truly understood the vision for my new website and wrote unmatched copy. Meyhgin truly understood my vision for my new website. She was a great referral from a trusted friend and her turnaround time was AMAZING!"

Once you’re booked, whether you’re in the early stages of establishing a new style of communication for your brand or down to hang up your old wardrobe for new copy with a custom strategy, here’s how things will go:

(if your designer is on speed dial)

During week 1, we’ll have our 90-minute session via Zoom where we develop a strategy you walk away with that will be behind your messaging & support your copy (any anything else you decide to create in the future)


Moving forward to week 3 is where the magic happens and we officially begin writing the copy up until week 5.

Up next for week 2, things get spicy and we begin our in-depth research and discovery journey assessing your brand, as is, comps, target audience, etc. with a custom copy strategy outline.


Wrapping up week 5, we head into the editing phase to complete final revisions and changes to make sure you leave with copy you love (and can’t wait to share).

Before we construct, within week 2, we’ll make sure we do the placing of where copy will go for an ideal page-to-page copy installation with proper outlining and wireframing according to your (new or revamped) website.


In the final runway of our project together, during week 6, you will receive the deliverables of your website copy + custom brand messaging playbook (goodies from the strategy session) accompanied by an offboarding client wrap up call where we walk through your copy + brand message strategy (with bubbly in hand to toast to ✨new style✨)

A messaging foundation that helps you get on-brand (and stay there)

Think of your strategy session as the gift that keeps on giving. Not only are you walking away with clarity from your session and the laid foundation + strategy to power the messaging on your website but also must-have tools that help your brand clearly + distinctly show up in every other space and form with confidence.


Confidently + clearly speak about your brand and most importantly, translate the transformative power it brings to the people that need it the most in only a way that you can (minus the confusion and blank stares)


Make room for your one-of-a-kind brand voice that is now amplified + recognizable in a space where it fits (plus level up in knowing how to talk to your people and what to say)


Create content, consistently, (even for social media) that aligns with your brand and connects with your audience while backing up why you’re the leading expert in the first place


Be empowered in becoming your very own copywriter that can get the message out loud and clear whenever you need to (without the hefty D4Y price tag of hiring one every time)


This is for you if:

✨You want to lay the groundwork for your brand’s communication with a strategy before you get knee-deep in your business

✨You’ve been calling the shots in your business for over 2 years + you’ve outgrown your current ride-or-die messaging that’s no longer serving the new goals of your business

✨You don't have the time (or patience) to sit and write your own copy. And tbh, you have no clue where to start 🥴

✨ Lead inquiries are busting out at the seams (nonstop) but they’re all...wrong

✨You’re undeniably passionate and clear on what you do and how you just wish you had the voice to match it


four installments of $1500


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